Why are we afraid of being ourselves?

By OanaR / July 25, 2019
Why are we afraid to be ourselves

We live in a society where looks are more important than what's inside.

We live in a society full of self-doubt and judgement.

We live in a society where being ourselves is not allowed, were letting your guard down is considered weakness.

BUT most of all, we live in a society where our judgment of ourselves is much more toxic and dangerous than any of the exterior factors that we might encounter.

With that in mind, I sincerely ask you: 

Have you ever let someone see your very essence, your true self? Have you ever stripped down of your inhibitions, judgement, fear, pain and let the other person see you for who you truly are? Have you ever met someone for the first time even if you saw them for the millionth time?

For a long time, my make-up was my armor. The thing I would put on and protect me from the outside world.. I didn't see it as something that would enhance my beauty, but as a shield. A shield that would keep me safe from people’s judgement, but that in fact, a shield that kept me hidden from myself, my own pain and acceptance.

I have to be honest, letting go of all my negativity and self-doubt and truly looking in the mirror for the first time, like truly acknowledging my own self, was the most difficult and liberating thing I have ever done!

It took me a while to understand that:

  • in order for others to accept me, I first have to accept myself;
  • in order for others to respect me, I first have to respect myself;
  • in order for others to love me, I first have to love myself;

AND most important of all, it took me a long time to understand that others perceive you as you perceive yourself.

I now tell you looking from one soul to another, that every human being is unique and special in his/her own way and that, like the taste of a spice, everything is subjective and this does not make it wrong or right, it just makes it how it is: A TRUE ESSENCE!

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