The place I long for

Rice terraces

I've started dreaming about Bali when I first saw the movie 'Eat. Pray. Love'. There was something magical about that woman's journey... I somehow felt I could identify with her struggle (this was happening in 2011) - and then, I had no idea what life had in store for me.

Until I found that peace of mind I was longing for, it would be a journey full of obstacles, ups and downs and even despair... But this journey ended a sad chapter and started a wonderful and exciting new one, on the Island of Gods (Bali).

The true meaning of beauty

I just have to close my eyes and I feel like I am right there... Feeling my dampened clothes getting stuck to my warm body and the wind going through my hair. I will never ever forget that sense of freedom I got walking that rainy afternoon through the rice fields in Bali.

Isn't it wonderful?! Water, soil, a little rice and a lot of work! That is all it takes to create a breathtaking view. It was so still and yet so alive, it was like nature wanted to send you a message, and the only thing you had to do to receive it was to have an open heart and calm mind.

That was the day I opened myself to the presence of miracles and understood that in simplicity lies true beauty. What my eyes saw that day, my soul will never forget. It was a feeling so intense and deep that nothing and nobody could ever take it away no matter how hard they try. I had to stay still for a moment and take it all in...

What a feeling...

We have to understand that in life, true happiness and beauty lies in simple things, things that can only be acknowledged if we are strong enough to first find them within us. Most of the time, this is an agonizing journey, but the moment we succeed is the moment we truly become free. And that is a feeling you can never replace.

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andreea - August 3, 2019

insightful article <3

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