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Istanbul – an old miracle trapped in a modern civilization

In this article I wanted to give you a day-by-day guide with all the wonderful things you can do and visit in Istanbul. But going through all the pictures from my previous trips in this magical place, I’ve realized that this is something you could get anytime, anywhere. You can create your own itinerary by accessing apps like: Visit a City or Culture Trip OR by booking a vacation with a travel agency.

It’s very important to plan ahead, but it’s equally important to surrender yourself to the wonders of the unknown. 

Magical Way - Old Bazaar Istanbul

My first visit to Istanbul was in 2015, in an all-girls getaway. Long before Google maps and internet in a foreign country, was something we could afford. We started roaming the streets with a map in our hands, and, of course, we got lost quite a few times! But it was the best feeling in the world! Seeing, smelling and feeling with every inch of our bodies the rich history that intertwined with the modern world.

... this was 5 months before my accident.

This is how I left Istanbul: full of love and with a burning desire to come back!

And I did, 3 years later. Full of scars and doubt that I could ever feel loved or happy… In a way I was a little judgmental, thinking that people there will look at me differently, not knowing about the great tragedy that had happened.

But it wasn’t like that at all.

I felt loved and blessed every single moment of that trip that started in Cappadocia and ended in Istanbul. (I will tell you more about this, in another article soon to come)

This is the picture I’ve sent to one of my favorite persons in the world, my doctor, Felix Popescu, to let him know I am ok, and even though I am different, nothing can stop me now. 


Fast forward to 2019. I took my parents for a trip to Istanbul for my name day. It was the first time in 21 years that we’ve left the country together and healthy. It’s a special feeling when sharing a place that you love so much with people whom you love more than words can describe.

And this trip was an adventure. I planned to the smallest detail, and yet life happened. It started with the car forgetting to pick us up from the airport and ended with a flood.


I will leave this self-explanatory images and video right here:

But despite all, this trip really was something special! Like every single one of my trips to Istanbul.

 And because words cannot explain what the eyes can see, here are of some pictures of my favorite places:

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