About Me

Crazy but honest.

If somebody would ask me to describe myself, I think, that would be the phrase I would use.

Hi there dear reader,

 My name is OanaR and this is my journey!

I could have started this section by stating my full name and occupation, likes and dislikes and all of my accomplishments so far. But that wouldn't be 100% honest, would it? I would be trying to project an image of myself, that, in my opinion, YOU, my dear reader, would like and appreciate. I would do my best to show you how wonderfully nice I am, that picture perfect image of a human being that you should like, admire and follow. But then again, that wouldn't be the real me.

I am full of flaws like any other human being, flaws that I've learned to love, cope with or change in my time living on this Planet.

This is me:

Oana Rotariu - this is me

You may be wondering: "Why is she looking like that? What happened to her?"

My answer in one word: FATE. Life has a funny (but dark and twisted way) to test you and either destroy you or make you stronger (yes, in this case, there is no middle way).

And I know this doesn't answer your question, but, like any other first date, a little bit of mystery never hurt anyone.

OanaR - a little mistery

With that in mind, I welcome you with open arms and soul to be a part of this wonderful journey!